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We are a team of technology enthusiast specialising in a comprehensive range of development solutions such as Web Design and Development, Mobile Application Development, Enterprise Solutions, Publishing Solutions, and more. We are your ideal one-stop solution for all your digital needs.

SAUCE Networks Pte. Ltd. is a privately owned, Singapore-based publisher, design and development house that develops digital titles and interactive platforms/applications to meet the unique needs of the modern society today. Located in Singapore, a resource hub, we specialise in developing materials that fulfil the curricula requirements of local and international markets.

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Why Pick Us?


We will listen to your idea, and together, we provide tailored approaches to your business.


We will design a detailed and concise workflow, implementing the applications developed.


We provides more than just service, we provide values that sustain your business for the long run.


We are just a call away, providing assistance, even after delivering your product.


SAUCEtech is a technological development division established in 2012.

SAUCEtech specialising on providing IT solutions its global clients, enabling them to effectively realise their business and technology goals.

Backed with a team of experienced system engineers, designers and developers; SAUCEtech strongly believes in delivering, achieving and thus, creating bigger possibilities for your business growth.

With a team of in-house specialist, SAUCEtech carry a robust experience backed by that innate vision to excel in areas including custom web solutions, mobile applications, IT consulting, business process automation and creating and maintaining almost everything that comes on your IT solution wish list.


SAUCEmobile is a mobile application development division established in 2013.

SAUCEmobile specialises in cloud-based solutions that empower web and mobile publishers to engage their users anytime, anywhere across multiple platforms.

Backed with a team of experienced designers and developers; custom mobile application development aside, SAUCEmobile’s proprietary platform offers a powerful solution for the fast-growing mobile front, enabling businesses to create a strong mobile presence, reach a wider audience, and build a mobile community by creating quality mobile apps for all leading mobile devices (iPhone, iPad, Android, and HTML5).


SAUCEdigital is a digital media division established in 2012.

SAUCEdigital specialises in creative solutions, digital marketing, public relations and social media as a whole.

Backed with a team of experienced strategist, designers and developers; SAUCEdigital focuses its efforts on developing and delivering next-generation integrated creative campaigns targeting traditional media, bloggers, online and virtual entities and social media platforms – primarily Facebook.

With a team of in-house specialist, this provides a unique advantage to SAUCEdigital clients in effectively reaching out to key media audience and the general public.


SAUCEink is a women’s magazine backed with a social commerce platform.

Beta launched in February 2016, the platform not only gives our members an easy means of creating their own personal branding page, website, blog, e-commerce store, etc.; it’s also a means of a marketing platform to allow users to interact and extent their reach!

Focus: Accessibility (online, mobile, inclusive), Functionality (features such as games, e-commerce, classified), and Community (forum, interaction).

Vision: Create an environment where women can be entertained while expressing themselves.

Mission: An accessible, mobile and convenient space that can empower women’s thoughts, ideas and businesses.

Value: Work hard, Play hard, Think smart.

SAUCEink Magazine

SAUCEink Magazine is a women-lifestyle magazine established in 2009.

SAUCEink Magazine is Singapore’s first digital magazine entirely dedicated to women’s lifestyle, fashion, beauty, travel, entertainment, and shopping. SAUCEink Magazine aims to showcase the very best the garden city has to offer.

Backed by an experienced team of unwavering integrity, SAUCEink Magazine boasts upwards of 100 pages (or more) of uniquely generated content per issue specifically tailored to satisfy the local palate.

Every issue’s professionally crafted SAUCEink Magazine includes what’s happening, how-tos, DIYs, fashion tips, photo-shoots and exclusive interviews, and guides on the latest shopping spots and travel locations.

With an online (website and digital flip-page magazine), mobile and offline (in 2013) presence; SAUCEink Magazine guarantees to cater to all women needs.

Targeted at women aged 21 to 40 years, who indulge in their everyday needs and wants, readers are already in the frame of mind to accept all the information that are presented before their eyes.

Within the digital pages of the magazine, click-able links can be embedded allowing readers to visit your website or product page immediately. You are able to send it out via email, embed it in your own or even partner website.

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